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Tecnomatix is a comprehensive portfolio of digital manufacturing solutions that help you innovate by synchronizing product engineering, manufacturing engineering, and production.

Supported by the best-in-class Teamcenter manufacturing PLM platform, Tecnomatix offers the most versatile manufacturing solution set on the market today.


Tecnomatix Manufacturing Planning and Management

Concurrent design is achieved through collaborative product development and manufacturing process planning.

Tecnomatix planning and management solutions help you manage your product and process knowledge in a single environment. We also offer several collaboration and analysis tools that enable you to perform manufacturing plans digitally to avoid production disruptions due to design flaws. This allows users to do the following:

# Reduce product time to market by performing product design and manufacturing engineering simultaneously

# Ensure accurate manufacturing information is delivered to the shop floor

# Plan and optimize the layout of your digital manufacturing facility long before you start production

# Integrate quality parameters as part of the manufacturing planning process to avoid product quality issues

# With true concurrent engineering solutions that enable you to combine product engineering and process planning activities, you can dramatically improve profitability, time to market, and quality.

Tecnomatix Manufacturing Planning and Management

Process Product

Manufacturing Process Planner

The Tecnomatix MPP(Manufacturing Process Planner) application runs on Teamcenter, enabling design and manufacturing engineers to simultaneously develop product and manufacturing process definitions. This can remove manufacturing constraints during the product design process.

By linking the design/production process, MPP helps manufacturers evaluate alternative manufacturing scenarios, maximize resource utilization, and optimize throughput at the earliest stages of concept planning.

Advanced Assembly Planning

Advanced Assembly Planning helps manufacturers configure product BOP(Bill Of Process)s and plant BOPs independently of one another.

Advanced Assembly Planning application bridges the product-centric and factory-centric perspectives in product manufacturing.

Advanced Assembly Planning
Advanced Assembly Planning

Process Designer

By closing the gap between product and process design, Process Designer helps manufacturers begin process engineering faster, meeting market demands, and providing design feedback on product manufacturability as the end result of higher quality products.

Regardless of your PLM(Product Lifecycle Management) platform environment, you can develop and validate manufacturing strategies in 3D virtual environments.

Work Instructions

Comprehensive 2D / 3D work instruction creation and viewing applications provide 3D screening and up-to-date process steps to facilitate the delivery of assembly instructions to the manufacturing floor.

Electronic Work Instructions (EWI)

EWI(Electronic Work Instructions) solutions are Teamcenter-based web applications that allow shop floor workers to access 3D animated work instructions directly from the Teamcenter database.

Electronic Work Instructions (EWI)

3D documents

The Teamcenter Manufacturing 3D PDF Document Solution enables production planning to distribute interactive 3D work instructions to the manufacturing floor in PDF format.

3D documents


You can design assembly lines, equipment, tool requirements, and more in a 3D environment. You can digitally configure your plant's layout to optimize plant space and optimize capital resource utilization.


FactoryCAD is a 3D layout application that provides a way to develop detailed and intelligent factory models.

FactoryCAD can take advantage of the “smart objects” that represent all the resources used in the factory.


FactoryFLOW is a graphical material processing system that can optimize layouts based on material flow distance, frequency, and cost.

You can use part routing information, material storage requirements, material handling equipment specifications, and part packaging information to interpret factory layouts.


Dimensional Quality

Dimensional variations can have a profound impact on profitability due to excessive tooling, labor and measurement costs.

Tecnomatix can mitigate these risks and reduce the need for costly prototypes by analyzing changes prior to design release.

Tecnomatix Simulation

Achieve lean manufacturing goals and develop accurate manufacturing plans from scratch.

Tecnomatix simulation and verification solutions enable you to create validated and accurate manufacturing plans from the beginning by verifying the methods and resources defined and selected during the manufacturing planning process.

Virtual verification of production processes, equipment, and systems enable efficient, fast and lean manufacturing.

  Manufacturing simulations can verify process plans well ahead of a production implementation, ensuring that you can define the correct operational, resource, and system configuration from scratch.

$ With manufacturing simulation and verification applications from Siemens PLM Software, you can:

 # Leverage simulation to detect and resolve early changes at a lower cost for easier correction

# Reduce system startup time for automated systems by mitigating the need for physical testing

# Highly accurate assessment of variations in manufacturing processes and production throughput

# Easily perform engineering research, including ergonomics in human work

Tecnomatix Simulation

Assembly Simulation and Validation

Assembly simulation and validation solutions allow you to simulate assembly sequence, manpower, and machine interactions to optimize the assembly process before production begins.

Robot Simulation and Programming

You can develop and simulate manufacturing processes for robotic applications, including tooling and peripherals.

You can also build on your research results with event-driven simulation capabilities and offline programming of automated systems.

Logistics and Material Flow Simulation

Logistics and material flow simulation enables you to analyze and visualize production throughput and performance using discrete event simulation.

You can also quickly check for bottlenecks, verify transported materials, and see plant utilization for various process alternatives.

Human Simulation and Ergonomics

Accurate ergonomic simulations using today's most sophisticated human factors and ergonomic analysis capabilities help to create a safer, more ergonomic work environment.