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RecurDyn is a Korean CAE tool that has evolved into a professional CAE program that includes structural analysis, optimal design, and automatic control, starting with multibody dynamics.


RecurDyn solves machine and control plants most efficiently with a single solver.

RecurDyn is the world's first dynamics program that incorporates FEM's Nodal Method and its own Mesher function and adds a fatigue analysis function to complete the analysis from one load analysis to one.

In particular, the importance of Mechatronics (mechatronics = mechanics + electronics) in mechanical products is increasing day by day, and CAE analysis reflecting this is essential.

RecurDyn / Modeler

RD-02: RecurDyn / Modeler is RecurDyn's Pre-Processor for creating analysis models.

Developed in the Microsoft Windows environment, it is easy to use even for first-time users.

You can start building models using RecurDyn / Modeler, including all of the body, joint, force, and contact elements that are the basis of dynamic models.

If you have an existing CAD file, you can import the CAD model by converting it to Parasolid, STEP, IGES, ACIS, CATIA formats.

RecurDyn / Solver

RecurDyn/Solver makes an equation of motion for the multi-flexible body dynamics analysis of mixed-body and flexible-body system, and performs the analysis very quickly with an optimized integrator.

The flexible-body can be solved together and provide a solver to control and optimize the system.

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Can analysis rigid bodies and flexible bodies system, expressed in FE model directly in a single integrator.

Can analysis the nonlinear dynamic behavior, dynamic stress and strain of a flexible body over time.

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RecurDyn / RFlex is a toolkit that offers you to get an FE model from structural analysis software and analyze elastic mechanisms with linear elastic effects.

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Multibody dynamics models modeled with RecurDyn are nonlinear system models, and RecurDyn/Linear linearly approximates these nonlinear system models to obtain linear models.The modal frequency used by RFlex is included in the linear model of the system.

Eigen value analysis is performed with the obtained linear model and can also be exported in an easy-to-use way in control software such as MATLAB.

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It is a handy tool that makes it possible for anyone to easily design the optimal design by automating all the difficult parts.

You can design optimizations right inside RecurDyn and 4 tools are provided as follows;

# Design Study Module(Effect Analysis and Design Variable Screening)

#Design Optimization Module

# DFSS and Robust Design Optimization Module

# Reliability Analysis Module.

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