Công ty TNHH SPACE solution VINA cung cấp các phần mềm quản lý vòng đời sản phẩm (PLM) của hãng SIEMENS, tư vấn và triển khai dự án trong tất cả lĩnh vực thuộc ngành PLM.

PLM Components


Product Geometry Search

GEOLUS is a search engine that searches the 3D shape of a product in the PLM system and quickly finds parts similar to the shape you are looking for.

It searches the parts and shows the property values related to the parts together and provides functions that can be used for various purposes in the departments such as product development, purchasing, and sales.


Visualization SDK

PLM Vis is an SDK that brings the powerful visualization capabilities provided by Teamcenter to your in-house system.

Customers can implement various functions such as 3D Navigation, Measurement, Section, and Analysis through the ISO standard JT format.

A web embedded environment enables flexible and scalable services.

JT Open

JT Open Toolkit

JT is an ISO(International Standardization Organization) standard (14306: 2012) for the display and sharing of lightweight 3D product information.

JT Open Toolkit is used to exchange JT data quickly and easily. It provides a wide range of functions from precise dimension measurement to assembly information, CAE result viewing, and product PMI information.