Công ty TNHH SPACE solution VINA cung cấp các phần mềm quản lý vòng đời sản phẩm (PLM) của hãng SIEMENS, tư vấn và triển khai dự án trong tất cả lĩnh vực thuộc ngành PLM.


Giải pháp tác giả tích hợp

Giải pháp tác giả tích hợp

Giải pháp tác giả tích hợp

Cortona3D's integrated authoring environment

Documents related to quality and products are important to our customers as well as our suppliers and distributors.
These materials are indispensable for selling the product and
must be delivered quickly and effectively for a variety of purposes, including the delivery of maintenance and how to use them.

Cortona3D is a powerful 3D authoring tool that puts virtual know-how into product documentation by reusing design data from CAD and PLM as well as ERP systems.

Cortona3D 's intuitive interface allows users without 3D experience to quickly and easily create interactive content that includes both powerful simulations and relevant information.

Cortona3D saves a great deal of effort, reduces errors, and minimizes the delay in making changes to such content.


  • Provides 50% faster maintenance and training information.
  • Authoring costs can be reduced by over 40%.
  • Gain more experience and competitiveness.

About Cortona3D

It is an integrated authoring solution for creating interactive product documentation that can deliver visually high-level expertise to an advanced production authoring environment.

About Cortona3D


Create digitized interactive parts catalogs using proprietary 3D exploded view creation for complex products. Consumers explore the structure of their products and view them through 3D models to enhance the user's experience and drive quick purchase decisions and accurate orders.

This not only improves the quality of the catalog, but also reduces the number of customer support calls.


Manuals produced in 3D can convey knowledge more accurately and effectively than reading descriptions of complex products, helping to minimize problems associated with information delivery and to remember them for a long time.

These 3D manuals are produced significantly faster than traditional manual production methods by efficiently reusing existing CAD data.


Leverage existing CAD materials to create digital interactive learning applications that contain animated 3D simulation information. The application can be used independently or integrated into an existing SCORM system. A variety of investigations make these methods easier to understand, work more efficient, and reduce costs compared to learning through product mock-up and physical practice.